Those who know me well know I haven’t always been religious.  A product of a broken home, I called myself an Atheist for most of the first half of my 60 some odd years.  About 20 of those years were also spent trapped in addiction to drugs and alcohol.  I was pretty young the first time I got drunk.  By the time I was in high school I was dealing drugs and using every day.

At age 35 I got clean and sober.  Slowly the fog lifted, and I began to see reality in a new light.  The rest of the story involves a series of conversions; points of surrender.  To truly win, one must first surrender.  That may sound a bit strange, but it’s True.

It’s all really about God, isn’t it?  I know the mention of His name is likely to cause many to stop reading this.  If that’s you, please, stay with me.  Having spent the first half of my life in denial of the existence of God, I can remember what it was like to be on that side of the question.

Keep your mind open and consider this.  Everyone knows there is a creator.  The evidence in creation is overwhelming.  There is no reasonable explanation for the existence of anything other than it was made.  That which was made speaks to a maker.  We all know, deep down inside, that we did not make ourselves, and when you study human anatomy you have to realize it’s all way too complicated to have happened by chance.  We have been created.

When I came to realize this Truth about the Creator I didn’t want to buy in to any sort of religion.  We could have been made by space aliens for all we know!  First, I believed in Truth, with a capital T.  It seemed obvious to me that for every question there has got to be just one correct answer.  Grey areas are merely spaces between subjective concepts.  Perhaps I like coffee and you don’t.  So, “I like coffee” is subjective because it is true for me but not for you.  But there is an objective Truth in there, and that is “I like coffee and you don’t.”  When it comes to questions like “Is there a creator?” there is no room for subjectivity.  There either is or isn’t.  And if the evidence of creation speaks to a Creator then maybe I can speak to the Creator.  I learned to pray.  I asked my Creator to show me the Truth.

It’s been a long strange trip.  There definitely is such a thing as Objective Truth, and there is no way that any human being can fully realize the scope of that Truth.  Yet, one step at a time, my prayers have been answered.

Over the past 25 years I have experienced a series of conversions.  I came to understand that my creator is God.  Later I discovered that the Bible is Truth.  Eventually I came to know and love Jesus Christ.

I never had one of those “born again” total transformation experiences.  My acceptance of Jesus was gradual, and had more to do with reasoning.  I never took a leap of faith.

I started going to Church.  I became a Methodist.  After about 13 years of that I had a personal crisis in faith over doctrine and divisions within Protestant denominations.  Then I found the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church.

I love to write about this stuff.  I don’t get enough time for it, but I plan to use this blog to write about faith, life, the Universe.  Everything.

You come too?