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Dispelling the Myth that Science and Religion are Diametrically opposed

When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls

The Universe is amazing.  So many wonders out there.  Like our closest neighbor, the moon, for example.  How is it that no matter where it is in its orbit, only one side faces Earth?

Astronomers explain it wasn’t always like that.  Over millions of years of gravitational pull, in the same way the Moon draws on our oceans to create tides,

the Earth’s pull slowed the spin of the moon until it settled into a precise gentle roll.  From the Earth, we’ll never see the other side.

The Sun is also fascinating.  It’s enormous compared to our planet and moon.  An average of 93 million miles away.  Think about how far that really is.  If the sun were the size of a basketball, the earth would be about the size of a pea and would be about 93 feet away.  If the Earth were the size of a pea, the moon would be like a speck of dust, and people would be teen tiny, like, microscopic!

So imagine this “basketball” is the Sun, with a pea sized planet orbiting around it about 93 feet away.

And the pea has a teeny tiny little pinhead sized satellite in orbit around it about three inches away.  And everything is timed just right, and in just the right place, so that about once every 18 months,

from some location on the surface of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun not only appear to be precisely the same size, but line up with moon exactly right on top of the sun, causing a total eclipse.


The odds of that happening are staggering.  I just cannot fathom how anyone can say this dance of the Sun Earth and Moon; Life the Universe and Everything, came into existence by chance!  Baloney!  It’s size and scope are unfathomable and it is more intricately engineered than a Swiss watch!

Oh, how fearfully and wonderfully made is God’s creation.